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Ann Demeulemeester


Demeulemeester established her fashion brand in Antwerp, Belgium in 1985. Strength and sensitivity combine to create a sophisticated, harmonious collection with androgynous tailoring, opulent fabrics and a radical rock aesthetic. Ann Demeulemeester clothing references Japanese minimalism and Bohemian romance; contrasting sheer and matte textures and the play of light and shadow showcase the strikingly graceful lines that are the label’s signature. A palette of dark and moody shades is lifted with dashes of vibrant colour. Expect delicate dresses, classic tailoring and unconventional details, inspired by the contemporary art and music that reflect the designer’s artistic vision.

The designer graduated from Antwerp’s Academy of Fine Arts in 1981 and shot to fame in the late 80s with collections that transformed women’s fashion: deconstructed business suits with long flowing skirts, pristine white shirts and nonchalant layers offered a darkly glamorous alternative to the power dressing of the time. She has always blurred the distinction between men’s and women’s tailoring: in 1996, she was the first designer to combine both . men and women’s clothing in the same collection. Fashion for Demeulemeester is a language that expresses poetry and soul to create a dark, romantic and sophisticated world with just a dash of rebellion. She retired from the fashion scene in 2013 and the brand is now under the direction of creative director Sebastien Meunier, a French-born self-made fashion designer who initially studied law.

Sebastien Meunier had designed the label's men’s collection since 2010 and created his own brand before working with Martin Margiela, another prominent Belgian designer. His designs have a raw-edged appeal and are enhanced with baroque details, always paying profound attention to the lines of the body The authenticity and creativity of the Ann Demeulemeester men and women collection ensures that the brand’s illustrious past continues to evolve into the future.

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