Les Benjamins is the up and coming Istanbul based brand founded by Bunyamin Aydin, who is renowned for creating contemporary streetwear infused with the stories, traditions and culture of the past. Embrace an upbeat blend of oriental Turkish traditions and contemporary Western street culture with Les Benjamins men’s collection, now available to shop online at Daad Dantone.

Les Benjamins men’s collection is designed with both fashion and wearability in mind: these are comfortable garments elevated with eye-catching graphics and whimsical prints inspired by the progressive political principles of the Young Turks. Make a statement with Les Benjamins jackets: a simple hoodie in black cotton jersey is transformed with an elaborate design in eye-popping colours on the back. For those who prefer a monochrome approach, check out the hoodie with a large circular brand logo on the black.

Les Benjamins sweatshirts are equally distinctive: these oversize designs with distinctive prints are guaranteed to add a dash of individuality to your look. For maximum impact, wear yours with Les Benjamins pants: this drop crotch style with tight legs is influenced by traditional Turkish dress and is sure to become a staple piece in your wardrobe.

The label first made its mark with its extraordinary T-shirts: this season’s Les Benjamins T-shirts are eagerly sought after by a rapidly growing fan base. These versatile pieces are the perfect way to dress up a casual pair of jeans and also look great layered under a jacket. Whether you opt for a colourful portrait print or choose a playful design embroidered in white on black, you are guaranteed a look that is sure to turn heads.

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