It's a luxury and avantgarde man's outfit that Dantone has proposed to dress men of elegant madness. The choice to match the black shirt with white embroidery by Rick Owens (the same worn by Puff Daddy during the Met Gala 2017) to a light pants of Nostra Santissima to dampen the (still) dark tones of the trench signed by Jun Li. Vava's glasses are round and black contoured while the shoes are an evergreen of avant-garde fashion by Boris Bidjan Saberi.

Here is the selection of clothes, shoes and accessories worn by the model...and if you like them, you can shoponline!

Jun Li coat - Jun Li summer 2017 man collection 
Rick Owens shirt - Rick Owens summer 2017 man collection 
Nostra Santissima pants - Nostra Santissima summer 2017 man collection 
Boris Bidjan Saberi shoes - Boris Bidjan Saberi summer 2017 man collection 


vava glasses detail of a luxury an avantgarde man outfit

rick owens shirt detail of luxury and avantgarde man outfit

Boris Bidjan Saberi shoes detail for luxury and avantgarde man outfit