It is a Western man dressed in the avant-garde of the east, thought by Daad Dantone for the man's summer outfit. Comfort, so far from the stereotypes of luxury fashion, seems to be the ideal companion that accompanies the whole outfit. Choose a long Ziggy Chen black tunic and match it to a Tom Rebl basic white t-shirt. He wears Mihara Yasuhiro shorts and, after tufting the original stockings of Cinzia Araia, put on the 10sei0otto ankle boots. We will not need to point you out.

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 man summer outfit detail


ZIGGY CHEN tunic shop on sale - ZIGGY CHEN summer 2017 man's collection on sale

ziggy chen black tunic detail

ziggy chen tunic detail


MIHARA YASUHIRO short shop on sale - MIHARA YASUHIRO summer 2017 man's collection shop on sale 

mihara yasuhiro short detail


TOM REBL t-shirt on sale - TOM REBL summer 2017 man's collection on sale 

tom rebl white t-shirt