Masnada is an italian brand. Its style is for the woman who wishes to stand out, who wishes to assert her own identity and to choose freely. Enterprising artistic soul that re-interpret the world in an individual way, without fears to go over fixed schemas. Exclusive fabrics combined with an profound love for experimentations and research.

Search for alternative forms, materials, trimmings: these are Masnada’s guidelines, which has made independence and ethics its “trademark”. The strictly Italian tailoring manufacturing is also selected on the basis of ethical values against the use of child labour and any other type of malpractice. Textiles are made with natural yarns only, sophisticated lines totally free from the current diktats and for this reason always up-to-date. Masnada’s collections for women and men show the great attention to every detail of the real elegance, without, in so doing, sacificing a contemporary personal style.

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