XB OFCL is a designer collective intended to disrupt pre-conceived opinions of menswear with an evolutionary and socio-political perspective. xb ofcl is for outliers who seek inimitable garments that fortify rebellious and progressive ideologies.

XB OFCL contextualizes the angst in modern narratives via rigorous processing of each individual garment.

A garment begins with humble fabrications such as industrial nylon and heavy canvas but then experience multiple stages of washing, dyeing, distressing, assembling, deconstructing, reconstructing and are always finished off with signature brutalist hardware details.

The effect is a men’s wardrobe that unifies rough masculinity with effortless insouciance. as a collective, xb ofcl defies banality through collaborative projects and pushing boundaries with fashion-outsiders. While the concept is simultaneously cerebral, non-conforming and subversive, the garments are viable for everyday use.

Available only in store