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OBSCUR designer Richard Söderberg presents his new project under his own name ; SÖDERBERG is contemporary manifestation of masculine and utilitarian aesthetics. The designer draws inspiration from the history of Berlin, and the strong culture that has derived from its path. Fused together with the designer's technological interest strong functional garments in innovative materials are generated. The starting point of the clothing often originates from vintage utilitarian clothing where the pattern is re-used and altered as an homage to its history.

Classic materials of the past are mixed with new technical materials for better function. Söderberg is about creating luxurious, durable uniforms through classic and conservative shapes. Tightened, fastened and secured around the body its purpose is to give the wearer a sense of control and stability – to grow confident with the clothing, and to fuse with the clothing rather than hide behind it. A fundamental pillar of our work is transformation and progression. SÖDERBERG is part of this evolution.