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Daad Dantone Profumo The fortuitous result of the encounter in Via Santo Spirito between Giorgio Dantone, Meo Fusciuni and Pierfrancesco Cravel. Three modern dreamers, an experimental entrepreneur, a scent creator and an architect, together for over a year seeking the elusive essence of things: Milan, the old family tailor’s shop, its smells, memories and the assiduous search of contemporary cuts abstracted in a perfume, intangible form of the aesthetics and history of Dantone.
The video Take a look at the clip of Profumo Release Party @ DAAD Dantone Boutique – Milan, 2015 March 1st. A sensory journey through olfactory cues related to the keys of Profumo, tricks of lights and minimal music mixed by Meo Fusciuni himself.

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The packaging The solidity of the marble, the lightness of the crystal, the fluidity of the silver, the sensual elasticity of the leather. The smooth surfaces of cylindrical shapes and of faceted irregular pentagons, add and overlap in the designs of bottle and box, like the ingredients of a sumptuous visual and tactile alchemy.
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The creation Exceptional shapes, weights, textures containing the fragrance created for DAAD Dantone by Meo Fusciuni. Immaterial evocative smell of wood and incense, natural spots and odorous landscapes, made of archetypal essences, aromas of memory and ancestral scents. Sunlight and nocturnal, fragrant and fortified notes in a perfect balance build an harmonious olfactory architecture, a pyramid of faceted sensations and poetry.


Black Pepper
Powder combination

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Thanks to: Tasca d’Almerita, Natura in Tasca, Marmi Serafini.
Light installation: Recipient collective.