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Posted at 23/set/2016 10:37:56 By / Category: News

Precision tailoring, asymmetry and collages of richly textured fabrics: the Alessandra Marchi a/w 16-17 collection fuses exquisite tailoring with innovation for a sophisticated take on women’s fashion. The Tuscan designer expresses the latest trends in a distinctive way to create feminine, glamorous clothes in opulent materials that are perfect for the party season.

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Posted at 20/set/2016 09:40:49 By / Category: News

The Nude: Masahiko Maruyama collection for fall/winter 2016-17 distills fashion to its essentials: stripped of decoration, these pieces offer streamlined elegance at its most luxurious. Constructed using premium quality fabrics and meticulous tailoring techniques, this men’s avant-garde collection is inspired by a neo-futuristic aesthetic and is dominated by a sombre, minimalist colour palette of black and grey.

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Posted at 22/ago/2016 17:41:29 By / Category: News
Modern gothic clothes with a dash of Belgian cool: the Ann Demeulemeester Autumn/Winter 16-17 men collection is all about exquisite, layered clothes for the modern urban lifestyle. From sophisticated tailored overcoats to casual gilets and slouchy pants, discover this season?s Ann Demeulemeester men collection in the online fashion boutique of Daad Dantone...Read More
Posted at 29/lug/2016 17:41:00 By / Category: News
The dark, avant-garde glamour of THE VIRIDI-ANNE Spring Summer 16 men?s collection is heavily influenced by urban, techno fashions: minimalism combines with complex detailing and a sophisticated, monochrome palette to stunning effect. This collection is perfect for men with a confident, individual style; now you can shop THE VIRIDI-ANNE online at Daad Dantone, the leading Italian avant-garde e commerce fashion site...Read More
Posted at 26/lug/2016 17:41:29 By / Category: News
Break all the fashion rules with the latest ARBEL SILONI collection, now available at Daad Dantone. These exquisite dresses, cardigans and gilets will bring experimental modern design with a darkly romantic aesthetic to your wardrobe. Born in Tel Aviv, Arbel Siloni worked in New York before establishing his own label in Milan, the home of fine Italian craftsmanship: he specialises in experimental knitwear and jersey, using a sophisticated, mostly monochrome palette...Read More
Posted at 22/lug/2016 17:41:28 By / Category: News
Strong, edgy and designed with a minimalist aesthetic: the FIRST AID TO THE INJURED s/s 2016 collection is now available at Daad Dantone to bring aid to your suffering wardrobe. With streamlined silhouettes, a dark, monochrome palette and high-end production techniques, this men?s avantgarde collection is comprised of basics that are certain to become your go-to pieces for work or relaxing...Read More
Posted at 19/lug/2016 17:41:28 By / Category: News
With every passing year, Nostra Santissima lays another layer to its legacy, and the time has come for the latest ladies collection to tower over the monument that is this icon of avantgarde brands. Brought to you by Daad Dantone, the newest NOSTRA SANTISSIMA women?s collection has come to cast its gravity and grace on a global fashion stage filled with sartorial collections that have been rather dull this summer season...Read More
Posted at 15/lug/2016 17:41:28 By / Category: News
Those of you looking to splash out on a pair of boots that are made for walking -and will do just that - may find buying any of the latest styles in the mens collection that sports the name OXS RUBBER SOUL online to be right up their alley.Read More
Posted at 12/lug/2016 17:41:28 By / Category: News
The LE CUIR PERDU Spring Summer 16 women?s collection turned a few heads and ruffled some competitors? feathers this year. It?s a collection that unravels before you revealing a dose of decadence and glamour that other designers simply can?t match. When you buy LE CUIR PERDU online, you buy into the history of a couture brand established in 2008 by artist Luisella Da Rold. You buy into some of Bologna?s history, because it?s there that Luisella opened her studio and practiced her craft...Read More
Posted at 05/lug/2016 17:41:28 By / Category: News
Italian designers have always been renowned for the quality and refinement of their knitted fashions and the LABEL UNDER CONSTRUCTION Spring Summer 16 men?s collection follows in that great tradition, fusing artisanal skills and techniques with a contemporary, minimalist aesthetic. This avantgarde brand is targeted at a fashion-savvy, sophisticated consumer; now it is easy to buy LABEL UNDER CONSTRUCTION online at Daad Dantone....Read More

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