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10SEI0OTTO for Man

10SEI0TT0 is an Italian fashion brand founded by Paolo Barelli, a leather industry expert and Tiziano Rillo, a talented designer passionate about the creation of fine leather goods who is dedicated to the creation of stylish avant-garde clothing. Driven by the aim of fulfilling the requirements of an ever-evolving and changing market, 10SEI0TT0 clothing inspires fashion conscious customers with their signature contemporary designs. Today, the brand is recognised as a highly regarded manufacturer of premium quality leather goods made in Italy that are produced by traditional

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  • 10sei0otto coat 42005820
    M   L   XL

    10sei0otto coat

  • 10sei0otto parka 42005900
    M   L   XL

    10sei0otto parka

  • 10sei0otto jacket 42005880
    M   L

    10sei0otto jacket

  • 10sei0otto pants 42005970
    M   L   XL

    10sei0otto pants

  • 10sei0otto pants 42005930
    S   M   XL

    10sei0otto pants